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Specializing In Rebuilding
New Holland Bale Wagons
Since 1968

Now selling both new and used parts for all models of New Holland Bale Wagons. Our shop also fabricates many hard to find parts.

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In 1968, Lonnie Haack started operating and re-building New Holland (NH) Bale Wagons. The first model that he learned to operate was a NH 1030. Through the years, he has operated almost every model of bale wagon that New Holland makes.

In 1980, Lonnie started selling New Holland Bale Wagons, through his company Farm Equipment Finding Service. By 1992, Lonnie incorporated under the business name Sod Buster Sales, Inc. At this point, he began to sell Massey Ferguson, Hesston equipment, along with rebuilt New Holland Bale Wagons. He eventually sold off the Massey Ferguson and Hesston franchise in 1997 to focus on rebuilding and selling New Holland Bale Wagons.


Sod Buster Sales, Inc. - rebuilds New Holland Bale Wagons year around. Not only does Sod Buster Sales rebuild New Holland Bale Wagons, their people conduct a detailed checklist of each individual wagon that arrives into their shop; pinpointing exactly what is needed and to be done. On average, they spend approximately 80 hours or more rebuilding a pull type wagon. A self-propelled model can take anywhere between 200 and 300 hours.

Sod Buster Sales also sells and manufactures fabricated parts for all models of the New Holland Bale Wagons at a substantial cost savings for their customers and clients.

Please feel free to contact us for quality parts and quality rebuilt New Holland Bale Wagons. We are happy to serve you.

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